What is Smarter Cities NOW: A Sustainable Urban Development Forum?
Smarter CitiesNOW is an ongoing Sustainable Urban Development and 'Sharing Cities' Collaboration Forum, led by two pioneering Smart Cities: London and Copenhagen. The Forum has been developed in response to demand for a continuous Smart City/Sustainable Urban Development Collaboration Forum for thinkers and do'ers from leading cities, who can come together to share experiences, learning, develop thinking and collaborate on priority projects/solutions (rather than reinvent the (same) wheel in different cities!)

The Forum kicks off on 11-12 April @Ravensbourne on the Greenwich Peninsula (opposite the 02) in London. At the kick-off event, through inspiration keynotes and interactive roundtables, Forum participants will identify key challenges/projects/areas for collaboration. The kick-off event will introduce a programme of activites and events to run between 11-12 April and 11-12 October 2017, when Forum participants will re-convene @BLOXHUB in Copenhagen, to share progress and learning and discuss implementation and next steps on the projects and solutions worked on since the kick-off event. 

What are Forum Objectives?
The objective of Smarter CitiesNOW: A Sustainable Urban Development Forum is to create a collaborative forum for the Smart City/Sustainable Urban Development ecosystem, to enable councils, universities, startups, SMEs, architects, designers, innovators, policy makers and tech companies, working to the same agenda and goals, to interact and collaborate as part of a continous framework and process that distinguishes itself from traditional conferences. 

Emphasis is on sharing thinking and learning, and progressing work together, rather than 'just talking' and re-inventing the wheel in the same areas in different cities/countries.

Startups/SMES and developers: The Smarter CitiesNOW Solution Challenge and City of London Hackathon

The kick-off event will also kick off 1) the Smarter CitiesNOW Startup/SME Smart Solution Challenge and 2) City of London hackathon to develop data-driven applications for the City of London.

What's the Forum Programme?

See link:​ http://bit.ly/2mziSJm

When does the Forum Kick off?
11 and 12 April 2017 (follow-up event 11-12 October 2017 @ BLOXHUB, Copenhagen)

Where is it? 
Ravensbourne, Penrose Way, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 OEW

Who should go?
Anybody within the Smart City/Sustainable Urban Development space, who would like to meet, share their work with, learn from others in the ecosystem, and explore potential collaboration with other Forum participants between the London and Copenhagen events.

How much is it?
Ticket pricing has been kept low at £295 (+VAT for UK participants) per participant with a special startup price of £150 (+VAT for UK participants) to enable all to attend.

Can I sponsor and speak at the events?:
Yes, please email hello@newmedia2dot0.co.uk

Come along and walk, not just talk! 

Terms, Conditions & Cancellation Policy
Subject to terms & conditions.

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