On the 27th of July Ole Bentzen turns 70 years old and he is still going strong with a career that started in one of Denmark’s largest supermarket chains Irma, and involved a business trip to China that became the beginning of something new.

Vision, Value, Growth and a well-branded acumen have, according to Ole Bentzen, never been more important than now where digitalization sets the agenda in the world of business.

The ability to create presence and network with clients and employees have never been more important for leaders, and that is something Ole Bentzen has a passion for. As an entrepreneur and mentor he uses his experience from a long life in the top management in Danish business life to provide speeches, training and workshops

However he has also found the time to write a personal management book, and take a patent. Ole Bentzen believes that we need to be better at using senior citizens on the job market and he spearheads the idea himself. Being older should be viewed as strength instead of weakness.

The turtle Lo Shu – The Ninesquares Management

Ole Bentzen was up until 1988 part of the top management as a young CEO in the supermarket chain Irma. He then became CEO for Thiele, one of Denmark’s largest chains of opticians. Here he developed a management model “the nine squares” that among other things have been inspired by his many business trips to China and the story of the magic turtle Lo Shu, who has nine squares on its back.

The nine squares on the tortoiseshell is part of a whole. It is “the magic square” that gives peace, direction and results. This very combination has according to Ole Bentzen provided inspiration for why and how you get clients, employees and know-how to perform as a unit.

The client and employees walks hand-in-hand

After 26 years when Ole Bentzen retired as CEO from Thiele it became his goal to pass on his experience through speeches, education and brand training. He wants to share his knowledge combined in the “nine squares model” that has evolved to a brand school for entrepreneurs and leaders, that wishes to develop their business towards a greater focus on costumers.

The motto of Ole Bentzens life as a senior citizen has been “rather wise than withered”. And he fully lives by that motto. He has among other things launched a digital tool in the form of an app. It focuses on the interaction between clients and co-workers in order to achieve the best brand culture. It is according to Ole Bentzen very important to keep blood flowing in both your body and brain.

Ole Bentzen is a sought after speaker and workshop teacher by companies, also in China, where it all started and where the inspiration for the nine squares came from.

The birthday itself is celebrated privately on the 27th of July with a brand themed party for friends and family. A party his four grandkids especially look forward too.


Editor: Ole Bentzen is a member of the Chamber with his company The Ninesquares.



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