Editorial by Baroness Anne McIntosh of Pickering, Member of the House of Lords

As summer is nigh, I am very much looking forward to the Summer Reception in July of the Danish UK Association.

The timing could not be better given the debate in Parliament on Britain leaving the European Union. The House of Lords takes very seriously its responsibility to scrutinise legislation. As legislators, all the Lords can do is ask the elected chamber of the House of Commons to think again. We cannot insist and cannot block legislation where it has appeared in the manifesto of the party elected to form the Government in the Commons. No one party has control in the Lords.

Given there is probably a majority in the Lords who would have voted to remain in the European Union, we are seeking the best possible outcome to our leaving, enabling us to continue to trade with our existing partners on the best possible terms as well as to discover new trading opportunities going forward.

The debate in the Lords focussed on what the future trading relationship with our current EU partners should be and in particular, a customs arrangement or continued membership of the European Economic Area.

The Danish UK Association plays a great role in bringing businesses together to discuss issues of mutual interest in the hope of finding solutions and there will inevitably be many changes in the way that business is conducted between Britain and Denmark. 

Mindful of the fact that Parliament buildings will close for a major refurbishment in the coming years, it is a particular pleasure to welcome guests enabling them to soak up the atmosphere of such an historic building. The Terrace of the House of Lords is one of the most incomparable venues in London and lends itself to such an occasion of meeting, networking and celebrating summer.


Kind regards,

Baroness Anne McIntosh of Pickering
House of Lords


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full article image summer reception DFDS Nordea 



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Editorial by Athena Lamnisos, CEO, The Eve Appeal

This month’s editorial is from Athena Lamnisos, the Chief Executive of the Eve Appeal, the preferred charity partner of the Danish-UK Association. Louis Wheeler, Vice-Chair of the Danish-UK Association, explains the decision to select the Eve Appeal to be our preferred charity. 

In 1989 Lone Strøyberg became the first Managing Director of the Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce, now the Danish UK Association.  When Lone was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she and her husband, Peter Vagn-Jensen, together with Professor Ian Jacobs, then professor of gynaecological cancer at the Queen Mary University London,set up The Eve Appeal in 2002.  Sadly, even the best treatments were ultimately unable to save Lone’s life.  She died tragically young on Sept 6th2003.

At a time when the charity sector is under some scrutiny, it seems wholly appropriate for us to choose a small charity that touches us all, as well as our strong connection through Lone and her husband Peter.  We are delighted to be associated with them. Here is the message from Athena:


So many aspects of the vital work that we do at The Eve Appeal rely on the power of our networks. We can’t hope to achieve our ambition of saving lives through the early detection and prevention of women’s cancers without creating a multiplier effect. Our research teams collaborate nationally and international – one of our leading programmes involves teams in nine leading European institutions. They each provide a specialist skill set and build on evidence and findings to take the shared ambition forward. 

Fundraising certainly relies on building powerful networks of donors, companies and other stakeholders who share a joint goal to see positive change in the diagnosis of these cancers. As a charity, we can only succeed if these networks are broad and lasting. We have a history of making friendships and partnerships which sustain over many years and deliver results in earlier diagnosis and better prognosis.

Not talking about gynaecological health issues and a lack of understanding of signs and symptoms, is costing lives.  The result is a high mortality rate from gynae cancers (40%) – impacting too many mothers, daughters, sisters, fathers, brothers, friends, sons and partners too. 

We are a small charity with a great ambition to change the world through funding blue skies research that will help prevent women’s cancers and save lives.  Sharing information, creating relationships and seeking potential partners helps us not only to fund our research but also encourages every woman to know their body through our awareness work.

Our razor-sharp focus on prevention and early detection is unique.  We are leading straight-talking awareness and information campaigns but we also are at the forefront of pioneering medical research.  We believe that we can make a change now which will impact on the lives of women in the future.

Gynae cancers receive less funding than other cancers, and there is less awareness around gynae issues as these are surrounded by taboos.  Through our partners we are able to raise awareness of women’s health.  This May we are launching a new campaign asking all our network to GET LIPPY about women’s health.

We are asking supporters, partners, men and women to speak up and out about all five gynae cancers which are too-little talked about, too-little known and surrounded by far too many taboos.

We hope we can count on you too.

To find out how you and your company can support The Eve Appeal to help prevent women’s cancers and to save lives, contact us: Website (link to www.eveappeal.org.uk ), Email (link to office@eveappeal.org.uk ), Tel: 020 7605 0100, The Eve Appeal, 15B Bergham Mews, Blythe Road, London, W14 0HN


Kind regards,

Athena Lamnisos
Chief Executive
The Eve Appeal


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Queen Magrethe II of Denmark turns 78

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark turned 78 years old 16th April 2018. According to the tradition, she was greeted on the balcony of Amalienborg Palace at 12 noon by a huge crowd showing their support and respect for her birthday.

Celebrating this, we hosted a dinner 18th April in honour of our Patron Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, an enjoyable evening of celebration amongst fellow members and friends. Find out more about the festivities here >>

 A card with our best wishes on her birthday, was hand delivered on the day on behalf of all members by Niels Ladefoged, Chairman of DKUK. It was gratefully received.


Editorial by Søren Skibsted, Resident Partner in London, Kromann Reumert

Dear Members & Readers,

The best in Europe

"The firm’s expansion outside its home market of Denmark into the UK has borne fruit, with the Copenhagen-London axis creating immense opportunities for cross-border work."

This was one of the comments the judges delivered a couple of weeks ago when I attended the Lawyer Awards 2018. Kromann Reumert was announced as winner of both "Nordic Law Firm of the Year 2018" and "European Law Firm of the Year 2018". This marked the first time ever that a Nordic law firm has been named best in Europe.

In addition to the international dimension of our firm, the Lawyer highlighted Kromann Reumert’s investments in employee development, our digital focus, our attention to strategic and operational details as well as the overall quality of our services.

Obviously, we are all proud to have received these awards from the industry itself. The awards are a tremendous testament to the dedication and ability of our employees.

Generally, 2017/18 has been great years for us. We continue to be Denmark’s top-ranked law firm, both in respect of ratings, image, employer position, numbers of Danish and cross-border deals as well as our role as legal advisor to the majority of Danish top 100 companies. I would like to think that this is a result of our investment in key competitive advantages, such as our focus on clear, to-the-point communication, developing top ranked lawyers in all key areas, our ability to work seamlessly in an international context as well as our focus on process efficiency and client service.

Kromann Reumert's operation in London

Kromann Reumert has been in London for almost 30 years but it is only recently we have boosted the office with a resident partner and two associates. We have done this to increase focus on two objectives:

First, to provide direct access to Danish legal advice in the UK, and to assist the UK community of law firms, private equity funds, banks and other companies having an interest in Denmark in connection with client introductions, market intelligence, information on key legal developments and swift on-site advice in London by lawyers experienced in working in an international context.

Second, we aim to assist our Danish clients in the UK with advice, introductions, market intelligence and referrals to our good friends and connections in UK law firms, banks and the government. We have built great connections with many of the Danish companies in the UK, and we spend much of our time liaising and strengthening our relationship with these companies, the majority of which is long standing clients back in Denmark.

2017 was a disruptive year in many ways. In the London office, we have followed Brexit very closely with the aim of providing information to Danish companies about key developments, what to expect in the future and how to mitigate negative effects and utilize opportunities arising as a result of Brexit. This has proven a great way of adding value and being helpful to our clients. We expect this activity to continue and increase as the exit date is approaching fast.

I look forward to continuing the very good cooperation we have with many of you and the Danish - UK community in London and elsewhere. 


Kind regards,

Søren Skibsted
Resident Partner in London
Kromann Reumert


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NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the first Annual General Meeting of The Danish-UK Association will be held on the 18th April 2018 at 18.00 (Registration starts 17.45) at 1776 Restaurant, 1 Lombard St, London EC3V 9AA – for the purposes of considering and, if thought fit, passing the following resolutions:


As ordinary business:

1. Welcome

Welcome by Chairperson of the Company. Apologies for absence and receipt of proxies to be reported.

2. Chairperson’s Report

Report of the Chairperson of the Company on the merger of The Danish Club and The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce and other relevant activities.

3. Financial Statements

Submission of the financial position and opening balance sheet of the merged entity.

4. Election of Chairperson

The Board proposes that Niels Ladefoged be re-elected Chairperson of The Danish-UK Association.

5. Election of Directors to the vacant seats on the board of directors

Niels Ladefoged, Louis Wheeler and Mads Birkeland retire by rotation and offer themselves for re-election.

The Board recommends that Niels Ladefoged, Louis Wheeler and Mads Birkeland be re-elected as directors.

The Board would like to remind the members that any other nominations should be put forward as laid down in Article 15.2 (d).

6. Election of the Auditor

To appoint the Auditors, Messrs Wilson Wright LLP, Thavies Inn House, 3-4 Holborn Circus, London, EC1N 2HA as the auditors of The Danish-UK Association and to authorise the Directors to fix their remuneration.

7. Miscelleneous.

DATE: Tuesday, March 27, 2018


+44 (0) 207 259 6795


NOTE: A member entitled to attend and vote at the Meeting may appoint a proxy to attend and vote on his behalf. A proxy need not be a member of the Company. A form of proxy can be requested from Gunnar Larsen.


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Editorial by Simon Lundby Pedersen, Intern, Danish-UK Association

Dear Members & Readers,

If I had been told a year ago that I would now be sitting amongst the lovely streets of London working for The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce (now: The Danish-UK Association) – I would not have believed it. But then, how did I end up here?

Networking is not just a fancy word!

Around this time last year, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to take a gap year from studies to go and work abroad somewhere – a decision I am pleased I took. I wanted to put the Danish standard into perspective, and to learn new cultures, while competing in an international environment has always fascinated me. But then, how did I end up here?

I needed to step out of my comfort zone and contact people I did not know at all, hadn’t spoken to for ages or people I did not know well enough to ask for help. Through a family member, I was put I in touch with a person I had never talked to or met before, and within the next couple of days we had our first skype call. The man I talked to was London-based and happened to be a private member of The Chamber (now: Association), which quickly caught my interest. My contact promised to make a one-to-one email introduction to my current boss Gunnar, and I soon found myself in a meeting room at Sloane Street for a job interview. A week later I was offered the job. All this because I went out on a limb and contacted a person I had never heard about/met/talked to before, and whose name I got through networking.

The Importance of networking

Last summer, I came to visit the team and work on the preparations for our Annual Summer Reception in early July. With butterflies in my stomach, I was ready to go to my first DKUK networking event with high expectations. When the event started, I remember how nervous I was, walking up to an attendee, but as the evening went on I realised that it was not that bad. I learned that if you can be just a little brave and show your interest in others, stay in touch with them, then you can move your career and business development in the right direction.

I have learned that the essence of networking is: you give more than you get. Take advantage of every chance you have of meeting someone, and I am sure that you will not only enjoy making new friends, connections and maybe even new colleagues, but you will take great pleasure in supporting and helping others in their careers.

Use and expand your network! You have nothing to lose and everything to win!


Come and meet me

I hope you will all come and network with me in the future, and in fact we have a wide variety of events coming up where I would love to meet those of you who have not yet crossed my path.

I am pleased to announce that the date for The Queen’s Birthday Dinner is confirmed: it will be on April 18th at fellow member 1 Lombard Bar & Brasserie. Event information will appear on our website soon.

This year’s Summer reception is now confirmed and will take place on the terrace of the imposing House of Lords with about 200 invited guests on 4th July. One of the most iconic buildings in the world, no other venue is more instantly recognisable than the Palace of Westminster. DFDS Seaways have already confirmed their support as one of our Official Event Partners - we are looking forward to working with them!

Finally, our Annual Christmas Lunch, always a highlight in everyone’s calendar, is all about traditions, surprises, festive spirit and good company! Save the 14th of December!

We welcome members and the extended network to get in touch for further information on how your company could get involved.

I hope to see you all soon!

Kind regards,
Simon Lundby Pedersen
The Danish-UK Association 


Read more about the our upcoming events here>>

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DKUK association LOLO

Editorial by Dan Porter, Creative Director, Scriberia

Gathering inspiration: what do you keep in a drawer marked ‘potentially useful’?


Fresh starts

Scriberia is soon to bid farewell to our studio of three and a half years, moving to a brand new space that we can truly call our own. It’s an incredibly exciting new chapter for the company, but there’s also a hint of sadness at leaving a place that’s enabled us to grow up and find a confident sense of identity as a business. And while we won’t miss the schlepp up three flights of stairs every morning, we will miss the visuals that accompany the climb.

Soon after we moved into the studio, we filled the walls of our stairway with drawings. The brief to the team was simple: gather nuggets of information that you find surprising, interesting or inspiring - and illustrate them. Soon the walls were covered with a wildly eclectic mix of images depicting everything from the formation of snowflakes to the inner workings of the domestic washing machine.

Fresh perspectives

Though they look great, the purpose of these drawings was not decorative. The challenge of finding a creative solution is one we at Scriberia face many times a day. Over the years we’ve noticed how often a recent experience or learning emerges from the shadows of our consciousness and provide the key to unlocking the problem at hand. A magazine article read on the train home, a documentary discovered late-night channel hopping or a conversation with someone at a party: These small departures into other fields of interest leave useful fragments of knowledge behind that collect in a mental drawer marked ‘potentially useful.’ One day, often quite soon afterwards, one of those fragments turns out to be just the thing you need when you’re seeking inspiration.

Some people are better at accessing that drawer than others (it gets harder to open if not used regularly), but our illustrated stairway was an attempt to keep our team’s ‘potentially useful’ drawer well-oiled and well-stocked, or at least to remind them that inspiration can come from anywhere.

Because, as every world-changing innovator, from Henry Ford to Pablo Picasso, has acknowledged, there’s no such thing as a new idea, just new combinations of existing ones. It’s impossible to pluck a ‘eureka’ moment out of thin air. “The big idea is not an act of inspiration,” says the legendary art director George Lois, “but an act of discovery.” Its components are already out there, just waiting to be found and fused into something greater than the sum of its parts.

mind drawer v1 copy

Fresh thinking

That’s why creativity favours the curious. As you reach out beyond your field of expertise into more unfamiliar territory, your drawer of potentially useful knowledge fills; the fuller it gets, the number of ways to combine its contents grows, ideas meet that have never met before and the chances of you hitting upon something useful or exciting increase dramatically.

At Scriberia, our job is to create images that connect people to the ideas their business or organisation needs them to engage with. Often, engagement comes when those ideas are combined with other, more surprising ones, so that what is meaningful and relevant becomes, simultaneously, fresh and memorable, too.

That’s why, for us, meeting people from other fields and industries, through organisations like DUCC (ed: now DKUK) and the Knowledge Quarter, is vitally important. Neither our creativity, nor our clients’, can exist in a bubble. We all need constant supply of new experiences, information, stories and perspectives, to fuel our minds and generate the ideas that will drive us forward.


Kind regards

Dan Porter
Creative Director


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Scriberia’s founders and creative directors Chris Wilson (left) and Dan Porter

 ScriberiaDuo6 copy


Editorial by Louis de Courcy Wheeler, Vice Chairman, Danish-UK Association

Godt Nytår/Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have all had a great Christmas break.

For us it is a very exciting time, as we begin the journey for the new Danish-UK Association, formed through the merger of the DUCC and the Danish Club.  Above you will see our new logo, which represents the heritage of the organisations, with the Club’s long history, and the trading links between Denmark and the UK.  It also represents the craftsmanship and endeavour of our two nations and the human connections we foster and make thrive.  We hope you like it! The new merged organisation is already working on this year’s programme, and to develop offers for each category of our membership, through a better resourced organisation supporting our diverse membership.

As we start 2018, I’d like to take a moment to remember what has been a very successful year at the Chamber.  On the social side, we held a spectacular annual dinner in the amazing surroundings of the Middle Temple, a wonderful summer reception kindly hosted by Gowling WLG at their offices overlooking the Thames, and of course our famous Christmas lunch at Banking Hall.  There was also the continuing success of the monthly Nordic Drinks with our friends from the Norwegian and Finnish Chambers.

For our Premier Membership, we held two special dinners, one at the iconic Fulham Football Club, and one at the House of Lords superbly hosted by Lady Ann McIntosh.  The Human Capital and Organisational Development Network for our Premier members went from strength to strength.  Our thanks to Lani Bannach for her support on this successful initiative.

Other events of note were Nordic Business Forum on Nation Branding, a special DUCC art event hosted by SEB, our presence at Food Matters Live at ExCeL, and our well attended annual Offshore Wind seminar held together with the Royal Danish Embassy.

In 2017 we said goodbye to a few friends.  His Excellency Claus Grube stepped down as ambassador, and we were able to say thank you with a dinner at 1 Lombard Street, together with the Danish Club and the Anglo-Danish Society.  In the Chamber Jan Bertelsen, who after supporting us so well with his energy and humour, moved on to become General Manager of the Norwegian-British Chamber of Commerce, and we wish him well.  We were lucky enough to have an exceptional intern placed with us for 12 months, Karen Boserup, who performed way beyond her years.  Thanks to them both.

Then in September 2017 we were delighted to welcome a new ambassador, His Excellency Lars Thuesen.  Within the Chamber Deanne Lintorn arrived as our new Events Manager, and Simon Lundby Pedersen as our intern, both fantastic additions.  Along with them, we are delighted to have the support of Lone Mohr Curtis and Nina Ravn from the Danish Club, all to assist Gunnar in the brilliant work he does in leading and managing the Chamber, and now the Danish-UK Association.

Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank the members of the Council for their support and time in guiding the DUCC over recent years.  We now move to a transitionary board until the first AGM of the Danish-UK Association.

So, now we look with renewed energy to the year ahead for the Danish-UK Association.  As well as social events, we already have planned a Food Network for members interested in that sector, a Round Table meeting kindly requested and hosted by Mark Prisk MP, the UK Prime Minister’s Trade & Investment Envoy to the Nordic and Baltic Countries, and a dinner for our Premier members at the Michelin-starred Nordic restaurant, Aquavit.   There will be much more for all of you to enjoy, as well as the one-to-one connections we pride ourselves in making across our membership and extended network.

May I personally wish you all a happy, fun-packed and successful 2018!


Kind regards

Louis De Courcy Wheeler
Vice Chairman
Danish-UK Association


Read more about the new Danish-UK Association here>>

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DUCC Christmas Lunch 2017 - Raffle Winners

On behalf of EBSDISMFlying Tiger Copenhagen & Carlsberg and the Chamber, we would like to thank those who attended The DUCC Annual Christmas Lunch. We hope you had a great time and made some relevant connections. If you attended, feel free to share your thoughts on email and please do consider writing a testimonial.

Save the date! Next year's Christmas Lunch 14th December 2018.

Huge congratulations to all those who won raffle prizes this year and a huge thank you to the kind donators as well. We have gathered a brief overview of who won raffleprizes this year as well as who donated the prize. We hope to see all of you again next year.


Raffle prize winners


Donators Prize Winner Winner Company
1 Lombard Voucher for dinner/lunch for 4 at 1 Lombard Richard Buttrey Moller Centre
ACU21 One acupunture session Sarah Neate LEGO
Aquavit Voucher for afternoon teafor 4 with champagne Bodil McBurnett Danske Bank
Arena Pursuits Voucher for a quad bike session for 5 Lauren Charman LEGO
BoConcept £300 voucher to spend in store ??? ???
Danske Bank Rosé Champagne Søren Kjær Petersen CENTRICA
Danske Bank Rosé Champagne Paul Crayford AON
Ørsted Energy 4 tickets to the Globe Theatre Rowi Mortimer Ørsted 
DSV GJ Ice Bucket Mads Birkeland Corren Troen Law LLP
DSV GJ Moneyfant money box Chris Moore WSP
DSV GJ Small Bowl Niko Ek SAS
DSV GJ Modern picture frame Joost Overwijk St. Ermins
DISM Aquavit Dennis Englund Visit Denmark
DISM Aquavit Sarah Neate LEGO
Fulham FC + Viking Invest 5 tickets to Fulham FC + 1 years membership to Nordic Sports Club Rasmus Stokholm Hansen Shipping UK Limited
Fulham FC 5 tickets to Fulham FC David Sørensen  
Georg Jensen GJ Water jug Jemma Kaczmarska LEGO



Jet boat ride and dinner for 2 at Marco Pierre White

Echo Dot plus echo show

Mike Carter

Áki Johansen


representation of the faroes

LEGO LEGO set Karolina Staniak EBS
LEGO LEGO set Anne Owen Anne Owen Consulting
LEGO LEGO set Charlotte Lor LEGO
Moller Centre Hotel stay x 2 and breakfast Lasse Bjørnestad ECCO
Nordic London Sjorn necklaces in rose gold and silver Jane Cooper Ørsted 
Pearl Stories Pearl Necklace Pia Dalziel ebl miller rosenfalck
Point Voucher Bed Light Bo Sjøholm Eikon Management
Point Voucher Bed Light Stuart Websdale Moller Centre
Point Voucher Bed Light Richard Buttrey Moller Centre
Point Voucher Bed Light Giovanni Massa Georg Jensen
Point Voucher Bed Light Klaus Bach  Juhl Bach Holdings APS
Royds Withy King Bottle of Lanson Champagne 2008 Vintage Luis Navarrete Gomez LEGO
Royds Withy King Bottle of Lanson Champagne 2008 Vintage Pieter Swart Grundfos Pumps Ltd
SAS Flight gift voucher from London to Copenhagen/Stockholm/Oslo for 2 Matt Thompson Ecco
St. Ermins Overnight stay and afternoon tea for 2 Stuart Thomson Bircham Dyson Bell
Ole & Steen Ole & Steen Voucher for £200 Gareth Baker Gowling
Snaps and Rye Dinner for 4 Anne Owen Anne Owen Consulting
SEB Wine book and fine wine Claire Howe DSV
ECCO ECCO EDAY FOLIO bag Tina Gloggengieser Hoogly Tea
Sticks and Sushi Sticks and sushi voucher for £100 Rasmus Stokholm Hansen Shipping UK Limited
Sticks and Sushi Sticks and sushi voucher for £100 Chris Maylon DSV


Here are some pictures of the lucky raffle prize winners

 raffle winner image2

 raffle winner image 1

 raffle winner image 3

 raffle winner image 4




DUCC sponsorship opportunities

The DUCC is actively seeking sponsors for its 2018 schedule of high profile events.

We would like to offer our valued members and extended network the opportunity to be part of the DUCC’s most prestigious Events in 2018 , notably the Gala Dinner our most prestigious event of the year which will coincide with the Danish Queens birthday in April and will be attended by 250 strong group of business leaders and professionals within and beyond the DUCC, typically comprised of: Premier members, The Advisory Board, Honorary Chamber members, Council members, Corporate members their colleagues, partners, spouses and clients many of whom rank amongst the world’s most famous names.

Next year’s Summer reception in July will be taking place on the terrace at the impressive House of Lords in the presence of up to 200 invited guests. One of the most iconic buildings in the world, no other venue is more instantly recognised than the Palace of Westminster. This unique space offers uninterrupted views of the river Thames; an idyllic setting for this unique event and a perfect opportunity to promote your brand.

Finally, our annual Christmas lunch, always a highlight in everyone’s calendar and is all about traditions, surprises, festive spirit and good company!

These events provide a stage not only for high-level networking but also can help to further position your company as one that helps to foster important trade and investment relationships between Denmark and the UK. There are opportunities to partner at a variety of different levels, from simple branding through to a wider strategic alignment. Please contact Deanne for further information and specific rates.

Some of our previous/current event partners include:


UK Offshore Wind 2017

Full article image Offshore wind OES Version



 DUCC Annual Christmas Lunch 2017

Christmas full articleimage



Summer Reception 2017

Summer reception



Annual Gala Dinner 2017

Annual Gala Dinner


We are looking forward to hearing from you! 



Editorial by Martin Williams, Managing Director, EBS

It was a great honour to be asked to contribute the Editorial for the DUCC Newsletter, particularly the edition before Christmas. I have been visiting Denmark and the Scandinavian countries since I was about 5 years old, and my company EBS is still involved with Danish companies entering the UK market.

We went by car through France, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark to visit family friends in Sweden. In those far off days it needed three ferry crossings just to get from Jylland to Helsingborg, so these journeys were not easy. This journey, together with those to other European countries, continued for about 15 years, and I consider myself very fortunate to have had parents who had the confidence to travel and who seemed to know people in many places.

This allowed me to enjoy a wide range of experiences not often available at that time. I saw the different cultures, cuisines, architecture and Christmas traditions across Europe.

Some Christmas celebration periods may begin earlier than others, and in many parts of Europe 6th December is celebrated as St Nicholas Day, when good children are rewarded with festive gifts. In Spain Epiphany on December 8th signals the start, and in Denmark and Sweden Santa Lucia on December 13th can signify the start.

One concept which seems to have spread is Christkindl market, or German Christmas market- street markets with various stalls celebrating Christmas time. In the UK, the longest established and the biggest is Birmingham Christmas Market, where you can try authentic Weisswurst and Glühwein.

Most countries certainly have the main meal and present giving on Christmas Eve. This can vary from Carp in Poland, or lamb in Iceland, through the Christmas buffet or Julbord in Sweden to a rather large meal traditionally involving turkey in the UK. If you want to experience what the Danes have for Christmas, DUCC Christmas lunch is a perfect occasion to do so.

This year again EBS is supporting the DUCC Christmas Lunch, and I hope to have the pleasure of seeing many of you there. We also sponsor the annual Santa Lucia service at Birmingham Cathedral, which this year is on Monday 11th December. This most spectacular and moving event is free of charge and I look forward to seeing you there also.   

St. Lucia full article image

 Photos by: Jonathan Hipkiss

Christmas is a stimulus time to reflect on and to remind ourselves that, with all the turmoil in our world, it is above all the future of our children which we hold in our hands.

The diversity of culture and traditions we have across Europe should be celebrated and enjoyed, because this makes Europe such an interesting and vibrant place to live.

A happy Christmas to you and your families.


Kind regards

Martin Williams


Read more about EBS - European Business Solutions here >> 

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Members are hereby notified that an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce Limited (DUCC/the Chamber), will be held at the offices of Danske Bank, 75 King William Street, London EC4N 7DT on 29th November 2017 at 17.30.

Each corporate member's main membership contact will also have received this notice by direct email. If you believe you are the Chamber's main contact and have not received it, please get in touch with the Chamber right away by email to Managing Director Gunnar P Larsen.

The full notice is shown further down.


As per the Articles of Association clause 14, the Chairman of the Council calls for the passing of the resolution to be held by a poll submitted by email or post to the Chamber no later than 48 hours prior the meeting (17.00hrs 27 November 2017), or by show of hands on the day.


Number of votes

The number of votes each member category has is set out as follows per the Articles of Association clause 22:

  • Individual Members 1 vote
  • Small Corporate Members 2 votes
  • Large Corporate Members 5 votes
  • Patrons/Advisory Board Members 10 votes

Entitlement to vote

Every fully paid up member of DUCC is entitled to vote and attend. A member is entitled to appoint another person as their proxy to exercise all or any of their rights to attend, to speak and to vote by proxy or vote at the meeting.


Questions prior

There will be an opportunity for members to ask questions on the Resolution prior to the EGM via email to either Chairman of the Council Louis de Courcy Wheeler lw@ducc.co.uk or Managing Director Gunnar P Larsen gpl@ducc.co.uk.


This event is for members only. All attendees at the EGM must register no later than 48 hours prior (17.00hrs, 25th November) to the meeting. To get access code please request access link by email.  There are no charge to attend.


29th November 2017

17.00 Registration – only members can attend.

17.30 EGM Chairman bidding Welcome

  • Presentation of Resolution – merger
  • Q&A
  • Vote of Resolution

18.00 End of EGM – followed by joint drinks reception with members from the Danish Club

20.00 End of event.

Free to attend – strictly for members only.



The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce Limited (The “Company”)


Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an Extraordinary General 17.30 (Registration 17.00), 29th November 2017 at held at the offices of Danske Bank, 75 King William Street, London EC4N 7DT – for the purposes of considering and, if thought fit, passing the following resolution:


As Extraordinary business:


1. To vote on the resolution:


That the Council are authorised to agree terms for the merger of The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce Limited (“Existing Company Vehicle”) with The Danish Club and to take such steps as are necessary or desirable to complete the Merger including:



(a)     the incorporation of a company limited by guarantee with the name “1” (“New Company Vehicle”) and adopt the Articles of Association in the form made available for inspection at the Chamber’s registered office at 55 Sloane Street, London and via the website (Articles) from the date of this notice and this the Extraordinary General Meeting;

(b)     the transfer of the Chamber’s assets from the Existing Company Vehicle to the New Company Vehicle on and subject to such terms as the Council may determine; and

(c)     to take such steps as are necessary or desirable before or after completion of the Merger to dissolve the Existing Company Vehicle.


2. To transact any other business of the company. 


DATE:     Monday, November 06, 2017





NOTE:                     A member entitled to attend and vote at the Meeting may appoint a proxy to attend and vote on his behalf.  A proxy need not be a member of the Company. A form of proxy can be requested by email

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