The meeting is aimed at members working directly in the food, drinks and hospitality industry to meet and exchange best practices and to highlight some of the challenges currently being faced. The first meeting focussed on the 'silent challenge' in the hospitality industry - staffing, training - the lack of available talent & Brexit effect on foreign & young workers 


Building on the success of the first meeting of the ‘food network’ and based on feedback received from participants the suggested topics for discussion in January will initially recap on staffing but focus more specifically on the supply chain & scaling 

Target group/attendees: 

  • DUCC Council members within the hospitality industry

Programme outline:

Aquavit: St James's Market 1 Carlton Street, London SW1Y 4QQ 

09.00 - 09.15am: Welcome & Introductions (Breakfast and refreshments will be provided)

09.15 - 09.30am: Recap on discussions from first meeting on staffing 

09:30 - 10.30am: Scaling your business - the do's and don’ts: (open discussion)

10:30 – 10:40am: Points of action for the next meeting 

10.40 - 11.00am: Networking


 If you are interested, feel free to contact Events Manager, Deanne Lintorn, for more information.

Current Food network members include:

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