Gunnar P. Larsen

Gunnar has the overall responsibility for managing the Chamber. An international business developer with years of experience in International Human Business Network Development.

If you would like to know more about membership, sponsorship, or have general queries, please do not hesitate to get in contact with Gunnar. He is also the contact you should make, if you would like to make some connections across the membership and in the extended network. He knows a lot of people.

If you have ideas and suggestions for event speakers, themes or venues, Gunnar will be pleased to hear from you.

Gunnar has been the Managing Director of the Chamber since 2009. Prior to that he has been organising conferences globally, working for the national development agency Invest in Denmark promoting Denmark as a place for company to locate to, 6 years in London and good 3 years in California. He has been living in the UK otherwise since 1994.

Simon Lundby Pedersen

Simon is the intern at DUCC and will be working for the chamber for the next year. Simon has a background as an elite swimmer and national athlete.

He will be assisting and working closely with the Managing Director and Events Manager in all tasks.

Simons responsibility includes managing the chambers profiles on social media, as well as the monthly newsletter, editing of the website and updating databases. Furthermore, he will be participating in the daily work at the office, which includes both planning and executing events on a monthly basis. Lastly, he will be handling and responding to general queries along with contacting and reaching out to member organisations.

Simon will be using his year at the chamber to push his career ambitions towards an international career.

Please do not hesitate to contact Simon, if you have any queries.

Deanne Lintorn

Deanne has joined the DUCC as Events Manager having previously worked for a variety of high-profile government-facing organisations within exhibition, conference and event management and has earned a reputation for fulfilling well-delivered, high-level events, trade missions and major conferences in the UK, Europe and throughout the Commonwealth.

Deanne’s overall responsibility is to ensure DUCC events are run efficiently and effectively by liaising with DUCC members, corporate partners and other organisations to gain invaluable support for the events programme, while also taking responsibility for developing business relationships and membership enquiries.

Deanne holds a qualification in both the WSET level 2 & 3 certificates in wines and spirits and is also a qualified skiing instructor and a certified rescue scuba diver.

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