Flying Tiger Copenhagen, the Danish variety design store is delighted to be a sponsor at the DUCC annual Christmas Lunch 2017 for a 6th year. We will once again be providing the wrapped gifts for the traditional “Pakkeleg” game to get everyone in the Christmas spirit of giving and receiving.

We are extremely proud of our Danish heritage and traditional Christmas customs. The products at Flying Tiger Copenhagen are about bringing people together and shared social experiences and therefore ideal for the DUCC annual Christmas lunch.The first Tiger store opened in Copenhagen in 1995 and has since grown to more than 600 stores in Europe, Japan and the USA. The stores offer a quirky, unique and ever changing assortment of own branded and designed products at affordable prices based on the idea that good design should be open to everyone. Our products are thoughtful and encourage people to come together to share time eating, entertaining or just having fun. In stores you will find things you need, things you’ve dreamed of and things you never new existed, including homeware, toys, hobby, party, snacks and gadgets. Although now very much a global business in 30 countries, Flying Tiger Copenhagen is still very much a Danish business where the design team based in Copenhagen create half of the 300 new products that end up on shelves in Flying Tiger Copenhagen every month.

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 Flying Tiger Copenhagen is part of the Chamber's Corporate Membership

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