Effective methods for prioritising work and generating progress

As the company's online manager, you'll naturally want to ensure that your digital measures support and develop your company's business as best as possible. 

Join this seminar for ideas on how to analyse, plan and visualise the results from your digital channel. The right approach will bring optimum results from your online efforts - both internally and externally. 

This seminar will not cover new trends and ideas on which marketing measures you should be using - instead it will focus on how you prioritise and streamline your way of working and optimise your results. 

What you get from the seminar 

Digital Strategy Manager, Heidi Collin, will inspire you to: 

  • Compare different online channels' performance
  • Create a more structured approach to KPIs
  • Prioritise your efforts so that you focus on your customers' needs
  • Visualise how much value your online marketing brings your business, so that you get support for your web projects
  • Generate focus and commitment towards online marketing from the management and the rest of the organisation 

The seminar is very hands-on and delivers specific models and tools you can use to work purposefully with digital marketing. 

Who is the seminar for? 

This seminar is for those who are responsible for generating results in the online channel, such as sales and marketing managers. 

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