How to improve customer experiences by using customer journey maps 

Company success and growth now more than ever hinges around how a company deals with its customers. Customers today make other demands than before. They expect a coherent customer experience - from start to finish. 

But how do you investigate and document your customers' journeys and experiences with your brand, service, and products? And how do you use the insights to design customer journeys that hit the spot?

Join this seminar for tips and tricks on how to work with customer journeys, and what you as a company can get from mapping your customers journeys.  

What you get from the seminar   

Digital Strategy Manager, Heidi Collin, will inspire you to:  

  • Map each step your customer’s go through in engaging with your company from initial contact, through purchasing, after sales support, and onto renewal/repurchase
  • Chose the right strategy, steps and focus when mapping your customer's journey
  • Gather data and use this data in creating a good customer experience
  • Detect gaps between the desired customer experience and the one actually received (knowing where the actions need to be focused)

The seminar is very hands-on and gives you specific models and tools you can use to work with customer journeys.

Who is the seminar for? 

The seminar is for CMOs, CEM and CRM managers and other marketing professionals who wish to increase the impact of their marketing activities.

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