DSV Road Ltd

DSV offers premier end-to-end transport and logistics solutions via three internal divisions, Road, Air & Sea and Solutions.

Comprehensive Network 
With over 24,000 professional employees located at more than 500 locations in over 60 countries, we are always in control of our customers requirements, irrespective of their size, industry or location.

Our size means we consistently achieve the highest service levels, whether you need to move a series of small high value items or an entire plant, the proven expertise of our experts are at your disposal.

Our rapid expansion has been achieved mainly through acquisitions, the most important being Samson Transport (1997), DFDS Transport (2000), Frans Maas (2006) and ABX Logistics (2008).  We have successfully combined tradition with new technology and service solutions that today offer DSVs customers an exceptional transport and Logistics service.  


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