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The origin of Dragon Shepherd takes place in the City of London. In the City, where most of the companies are linked to the financial sector, the professionals who work for them are known as "Dragons" (similar to Wall Street where "sharks" work).The experience of having worked several years in such a competitive and aggressive environment, where no one trusts anyone and where obtaining the result justifies everything, has helped us to understand well the difficulty of treating and recruiting this type of professionals. Thus emerges the idea of creating Dragon Shepherd, a boutique executive search capable of responding to your needs by building relationships of trust. Working in investment banking opened us the door to other sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, industry 4.0, etc. both in the UK and in other countries like Germany or Scandinavia. As our client tell us; "If you have been able to recruit professionals in the investment banking you are able to do it in anyother sector.

Exclusive Network of Collaborators

At Dragon Shepherd we believe in collaboration, so we count on a strong network of expert collaborators who work together with us to help us identify the best professionals for the most complex and qualified positions. By having those in our network of collaborators with experts from different areas, this allows us to be more agile and properly identify the professionals most suitable for each position we are working on.

High Calibre Professionals

At Dragon Shepherd, we seek, identify and recruit highly qualified professionals for high added value companies. The professionals who we work with, since they are already actively working in another company or project, are not actively seeking for new opportunities, however they are always willing to hear from new opportunities or professional challenges that implycareer progression.

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