[The most successful people are those who are good at plan B]

DANDERS & MORE assists a wide variety of entities from privately-held companies, over financial institutions and to investment firms and individuals, and as a law firm we primarily focus on Corporate and Financial Transactions, including advice on corporate matters; capital markets transactions; domestic and cross-border M&A; finance and advice on compliance in relation to the regulation governing the financial services industry; and Litigation and Arbitration, international and domestic, as well as serving on the panel of major arbitration matters.

We believe that being a truly commercial trusted legal adviser is not about how you deliver legal advice, it's all about who and what you are.

Our commercial approach to apply our legal skills to the important business aims of our clients is something many other law firms claim to mirror but few actually deliver. That is because our commercial approach to applying the law is not just a service - it's a commitment.

[DANDERS & MORE has developed a strong international brand] (Legal500)

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