Anne Owen Consulting

A small company specializing in developing leadership. We coach whole teams; leaders, individually or in groups; and develop leadership culture. A leader’s responsibility is to create a strong organisation through weaving business and people’s needs and capabilities, and our coaching approach reflects that principle. We listen carefully, keep the context in mind, act with urgency but don’t rush to a solution without understanding the root cause. We work hard building trust, understanding what’s needed from a range of stakeholder perspectives, and then create a bespoke intervention. An excellent track record in working with intractable challenges: executives about to de-rail or very ‘stuck’ teams. Such problems are often deeply rooted, so the best solutions need longer engagements to ensure sustainable change: a ‘personal trainer’ approach to development rather than an ‘emergency plumber’.

Recent clients include JaguarLandRover, Ibm, BHPBilliton, DolphinGEO, Doosan.

Our style works very well in Scandinavia and we would like to develop more business there. Contact Anne Owen, Director 

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