This HCOD Network is a platform for Human Resource management within the DUCC AB member companies to share organisational and managerial best-practice, expertise and develop business opportunities in an inspiring way at regular fora and networking events. 

The forum is interactive and will be chaired by Lani Bannach, Essenta.

This forum is under Chatham House Rules!

Know Your Employees

Competing for talent is taking place globally, employees at all levels are more mobile than ever and having an international workforce is increasingly common. This provides new challenges the HR executive in managing not only the recruitment process, but also the verification process cross border.

At the next HCOD event we will be discussing best practices in the vetting process, how to spot counterfeit documentation and strategies to limit risk.


Registration and coffee


Welcome by Gunnar P. Larsen, DUCC, and introduction to the moderator, Lani Bannach, Chairman, Essenta. Lani Bannach will set the scene and introduce the topic: "Knowing your employees".


Speaker is  on of the HCOD’s own members, Richard Bishop-Laggett - Director of Strategic Projects, People & Culture - ISS UK. "Do you know your employee?" and on the basic right to work

He will be seconded by Ewan Tweedie - Director Advisory Bureau at Security Watchdog. "International Vetting" and on Data Protection, vetting standards and methods used in the UK and internationally.


Moderated round-table session


Drinks, sandwiches and networking


End of programme

About the Human Capital and Organisational Development Network (HCOD)

This HCOD network is a platform for Human Resource management within the DUCC AB member companies to share under Chatham House rules organisational and managerial best-practice, expertise and develop business opportunities in an inspiring way at regular fora and networking events. 

Led by Lani Bannach, Essenta, the HCOD is member driven in terms of contend and direction. Its members are encourage to introduce additional members. 

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