We greatly appreciate the kind words of our members and encourage any feedback you might have.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments that you would like to share, which could lead to our continuous improvement.

“What really matters is what you learn after you know everything.” (John Wood)
The networking opportunity provided by DUCC is fulfilling this need of continuous learning and gathering of information.
Sometimes it may be just small talk but by meeting colleagues from other businesses and understanding their business valuable openings can occur."
Isaac Sheps
Carlsberg UK, Carlsberg UK, Isaac Sheps, Former CEO
09 August 2011
The DUCC provides its members with a platform from which they can communicate and meet with customers and competitors alike. Its networking events are an effective professional relationship tool, attracting like-minded individuals to share and debate strategies, policy and ambitions. It exists uniquely to assist and nurture Danes both here and at home.
Jens Anders Palmqvist
Danske Bank London Branch, General Manager & Publisher
07 January 2011

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