We greatly appreciate the kind words of our members and encourage any feedback you might have.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments that you would like to share, which could lead to our continuous improvement.

Thanks for a great Christmas Lunch. It was lovely to eat Danish Christmas Lunch with rye bread ;-). It was nicely organised with gift games and raffle.
Christine Vu
Velos Insurance Services Limited, Sales & Marketing Manager
16 December 2013
Tak for en dejlig eftermiddag. Det var en meget fin planlagt julefrokost og jeg nød maden og det gode selskab.
Jette Heldgaard
Dania Culture Training, Owner
16 December 2013
Tak for en spændende konference i fredags (red: Customer Experience & Loyalty Konferencen). Der var mange interessante input og jeg vil bestemt dele mange af dem internt på Kunde & Co.
Det var også spændende at høre Anne Sofie fortælle om jeres arbejde i The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce.
Annemette Kjær-Nielsen
Kunde & Co, Account Director, Dialogue
18 November 2013
Fantastic and well organised conference (ed: The Customer Experience & Loyalty Conference). Good mixer of speakers and a high quality of presentations. I learned new things (LEGO group) and I picked up few new tips (Woohoo, Inc.).
I also had the chance to gain new business friends. Thanks Gunnar, Mia and the team for your team work.
Tamar Meshoulam
Leaders and Legends, Executive Coach
18 November 2013
I enjoyed the seminar Business Coaching for managers(ed:SME-Club Business Coaching 09.07.2013), it gave ideas and inspiration of what opportunities are there to push forward your company. It was good with the elements of change management. Many thanks to the Pelham Hotel, it made the seminar even better with stunning surroundings.
Christine Vu
Velos Insurance Services Ltd, Sales and Marketing Manager
10 July 2013
Thank you very much for the event (ed :SME-Club Business Coaching 09.07.2013). Jan's knowledge and vision brought immediate value. Presentation was clear and useful. I enjoyed meeting Jan and other members.
Tamar Meshoulam
Leaders and Legends, Executive Coach
10 July 2013
The DUCC Summer Reception was an event, perfectly organised and hosted by Gunnar & the DUCC team. It was a great opportunity to network and do business with members. The introductions made were very relevant and shall hopefully result future business. I would like to thank the DUCC! Well done!
Michaela Christine Wolf,
Michaela Christine Wolf Ltd, Founding Director
04 July 2013
Summer Cocktail Reception 2013: I would expect nothing less from Gunnar and the team as always A Perfect Evening.
David Franks
G.L.A.CI.A., Managing Director
04 July 2013
The Danish-UK Chamber of Commerce are a very useful and important part of our business networking. The team are always very helpful and their connections are vast, making business opportunities exciting and relevant in stimulating growth, and supporting both the Danish and UK economies.
Christine Hartshorne
The Møller Centre, Marketing Manager
20 June 2013
Being a member of the DUCC allows you to network across professional establishments internationally on a more personal level in great locations. We are pleased to say that The Pelham has had other members stay in the hotel, and we continue to encourage this great relationship throughout the commerce.
Victoria Stevenson
The Pelham Hotel, Meetings & Events Coordinator
30 April 2013

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