We greatly appreciate the kind words of our members and encourage any feedback you might have.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments that you would like to share, which could lead to our continuous improvement.

Thank you for another excellent DUCC Christmas Lunch. It was very well organised and the return to the unusual venue made it a most enjoyable occasion. It was also an ideal networking opportunity with diverse table plans to ensure varying topics of discussion during the meal, plenty of schnapps! and a good bar afterwards to circulate.
Frederick Bjoern
Payne Hicks Beach Solicitors, Partner
14 January 2016
The DUCC Nordic Drinks evenings always bring together an eclectic mix of people, and it seems that inevitably business is done and friends are made. Gunnar, Jan, Louis and the team help with introductions and ideas, and most importantly, it is fun!
Craig Hartwell
Wots Hot Energy/Events, Director
28 September 2015
DUCC organised a work session on Corporate Storytelling & TV Documentaries. A good selection of participants from across business and a great panel from some of the UK's leading TV production companies. So glad I went along, I learnt a lot and made some great connections. Thanks you DUCC team, excellent event, look forward to the next one
Paula Bateman
ROCKWOOL International A/S, Global Media Relations Director
28 September 2015
I am very grateful and cannot thank DUCC - and especially Gunnar Larsen - enough for the help and responsiveness I have received. Without that part of my network, The Networking Book would never have been taken on by LID Publishing, would never have made it to the top of the British bestseller list and would never have been published worldwide. And without DUCC - LID Publishing and I would never have had a fantastic book launch at Fritz Hansen’s show room on 15 September. DUCC is the epitome of successful networking and belongs to the absolute elite of Britain because their network includes strong brands with active members who go for growth and want to help each other. But a network does not work automatically. It takes very strong facilitators and passionate characters to make a success - and that is where Gunnar, Jan and Maike are in a league of their own.
Simone Lemming Andersen
Strategisk Kommunikation ApS, journalist, author and speaker
21 September 2015
Gunnar & Team, A huge thank you for organizing a truly memorable evening at Birmingham Symphony Hall. The DUCC Reception provided a great opportunity to meet likeminded Nordic-ists and the 2-4-1 ticket offer for us to experience the Royal Danish Orchestra!
Kieron Moore
Hyatt Hotels & Resorts, Sales Executive
17 September 2015
Gunnar and his colleagues have always been great friends of LID Publishing. Together, we have managed to create some very interesting book projects in English by Danish authors. We really appreciate this unique relationship.
Martin Liu
LID Publishing, General Manager & Publisher
16 September 2015
Many thanks for organising an entertaining network evening with Simone Andersen. It was very interesting and useful.
Jes Lauritzen
Royal Danish Embassy, Advisor
16 September 2015
The DUCC events are always exceptional with many networking opportunities. We have benefited greatly from our membership at the DUCC and have developed many lasting business relationships. The recent event we co-hosted with them at Fritz Hansen was a tremendouns success!
Amrita Brard
LID Publishing, Marketing and Communications Manager
16 September 2015
Having hosted the launch of "The Networking Book" by Simone Andersen and LID Publishing last night, I would like to thank Gunnar, Jan and the DUCC team for the introduction and help in making this event happen. It was great to have more than 80 people together from different walks of life participating in, and sharing something we spent a lot of time doing - networking.
Steen Olsen
Fritz Hansen, Country Manager UK and Ireland
16 September 2015
Thanks to Gunnar and his team for pulling the full strength of the DUCC Network and enable a great cooperation between Bang&Olufsen and VisitDenmark.
Dennis Englund
VisitDenmark, Director
14 September 2015

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